INCI Name : Hypromellose/HPMC, Hydroxy Propylmethyl Cellulose

Product Description : HYDROCEL-AW meets all the requirements of USP HydroxyPropyl MethylCellulose (Substitution Type 2910). Moreover, carries out test for foreign matter contamination, Microbiological contamination, yellowness index, etc. in addition to the test prescribed in the mentioned pharmacopeias to ensure direct control of the quality HYDROCEL is manufactured in accordance with the FDA's, good manufacturing practices. A certificate of analysis HYDROCEL is routinely attached to the product, and incorporates. The test results concerning the following quality specifications, except for the case where the USP/Ph.Eur/BP/JP/IP specifications are acceptable to the customer or where special specifications are requested. Hydrocel AW viscosity grade from 3 to 50 cps. Hydroce AW is generally used in applications like film coating material for tablets , binder, manufacturing of vegetable capsules,etc

Product Form : Powder